activate your radiance through touch 

Yoni Elixir

Yoni Elixir helps you connect to your innate body wisdom through sensuality, assisting you to access the bliss of your true radiance.

Established in 2015 Yoni Elixir is the original self  love oil. It is more than a lubricant or massage oil. It has been designed to cultivate the depth of your sensuality to support you to live a life of true intimacy, freedom and pleasure.


A balm for your emotions and heart.

A catalyst for your sensual evolution.
An activator of your magnetism.


Activates your passion for life



Increases your libido



Helps keep your Yoni health in balance 

yoni health


5 Herbs That Nurture, Heal And Protect Your Yoni 

Natures ingredients


100% natural and organic


Yoni Elixir was created to awaken and maximise your pleasure and invite in true intimacy and deep love. Use for yoni massage, daily yoni care, breast massage, with your crystal wands and eggs, and intimate moments with your lover. 

More about the product  

When we begin to see our sensuality as a practice like yoga or meditation something profound opens to us.
The possibility of changing the way we see ourselves and curating the life we deeply desire.

An awakening of our true nature.

The essence of our soul radiating and noticed when we walk in the room..

A sacred experience

"The perfect product for sacred sexuality experiences with your partner or alone." 
- Keezia Leigh, Mother,
QLD, Aus.

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