This course is here to offer you a route to shift from Masturbation to Self Pleasure. 

First up we want to be clear, here at Yoni Elixir we hold no shame in masturbation. Masturbation is a perfectly fine tool for moving sexual energy quickly and experiencing stress relief.


tools to bring you back to your self-c0nnection

 However the reason we advocate for self pleasure is due to the increasing number of women who have shifted from masturbation to self pleasure and report better orgasms, increased sensitivity, more love for their bodies as well as experiencing more fulfillment in every area of their life.

If you like many other vulva owners want to discover your path of sensual evolution then grab your bottle of Yoni Elixir and check out the following step by step guide.

Something for every mood and flavour

Playlists to assist your experience

Allowing you to harness your erotic power with ease

Tips on how to use yoni elixir

Simple and easy to comprehend

health benefits of self pleasure 

An understanding of the difference between Masturbation and Self Pleasure

A clear understanding

Clearly explaining how to create a Self Pleasure Practice

- 4 clear videos 

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Welcome to Shift from Masturbation to Self Pleasure, a Yoni Elixir course.
This course is here to offer you a route to shift from Masturbation to Self Pleasure. 

Shift from Masturbation to Self-Pleasure

"Time with myself is no longer just a stress relief, its a full body experience"

- genevieve

"This course was easy to understand and quick to receive which helped me open to more pleasure in my practice. "

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