It’s easy to forget the potent power of being a woman in this world.

Child birth, period cramps, painful sex, body dysmorphia as well as the politics of whatever country you happen to be living in.

None of this makes it easy to remember that fruitful ecstasy that lives underneath the trials and tribulations of womanhood. 
Yet it is in those moments of feeling our skin, deepening to what is going on under the surface and discovering the milk and honey that swirls in between our hips that we find the upwelling of energy that transmits and touches those around us. When we have access to that nourishment within, everything else flows with ease and grace. 
Everytime I hand make Yoni Elixir I’m reminded of the magic that exists within no time and space, the wonderment of leaving the here and now to enter into the realms of possibilities, wondering where this oil may end up.

A Letter from Victoria..

These prayers I hold for everybody that comes into contact with Yoni Elixir extend from the extensive journeys I have had delving into what it means to own who I am as a woman in this life. To ritualise and honour the rites of passage that have led me to curating a life of fulfillment, depth and service. From my heart to yours, may Yoni Elixir carry you home to a tender intimacy with your body.


Meditating on the herbs and their healing qualities as the plants find themselves in the hands of the owners that need them at that moment.

I see the softening in women's bodies as they find this elixir and take it into their palms, breathing in the subtle aromas of ylang ylang and myrrh. I hold in my heart the prayers of surrender and greater alignment for each and every woman it comes into contact with.
There’s a noticing that with each and every time they stop to connect, they will find themselves closer to that life that is for them.

That those hopes and dreams can become a reality when their awareness heightens in the slowing down. To feel them through every cell of their bodies and heal what wants to be healed to find the next wave of life force that undulates through them taking them to where they need to be.

change their perception of their bodies & sexuality 

engage in self pleasure by 2028



Change the narrative of sexuality for future generations of young women.

encourage each other to rise

and donate 10% of profits to global charities that support women and the LGBTQ community

we aim to inspire 

women to  


A women’s power lies within her knowing of who she is beyond the ideas of the media, friends or family.

When a woman has connection to her inner world and takes time for herself she is truly free. Free to make the decisions that are right for her life, free to leave the relationships and careers that aren’t serving her, free to experience the radiance and health that is her birthright.

If this freedom is a door, then Yoni Elixir is the key.

Yoni Elixir was designed to empower women on their journey of Womanhood. Reminding them of their deeper essence and calling them home to themselves. 

It has been my experience that it takes knowing powerful women to become a powerful woman. 

By encouraging the women around us to slow down and drop in with themselves we create a network of empowered women who can support one another. 

With that in mind we’d like to welcome you to our affiliation and wholesale programmes. If you know a woman in your life that is at a crossroads, that is yearning to come back to life and claim her health, heart and yoni then this may be the time to share this.

Becoming an affiliate with Yoni Elixir means that by sharing this link you will receive a 10% kick back from the sale.

This is perfect if you have a group of friends, or a online social media platform and desire to share about this product and the experience you’ve had.

Become a part of the movement

Becoming a Wholesaler means that you can purchase a few bottles at a time and sell them to people either in a shop, online or amongst a group of friends and receive the bottles at a lower cost. 

This is perfect if you’re a coach, holistic practitioner, own a shop or just want to gift some to your friendship group over the next few birthdays they have.

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We have partnered with i=Change as part of overall mission and commitment to giving back. Changing the narrative of sexuality for the future generations of young women while encouraging women to support each other to rise. We are committed to 
10% of business profits to global charities that support women and the LGBTIQA+ community. This is why we have chosen i=Change as our partner to actively support our mission. 


"With my dollar, I'm choosing change.' 

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