3 steps to increase your pleasure

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It’s a common misconception that pleasure is all about orgasm. Reaching the goal, surrendering it all over and letting go. 

This is a very yang way of experiencing pleasure which largely reflects how the world functions. For example, wanting to receive that dopamine hit, achieve, define, and understand that has happened. 

The best self pleasure sessions I experience are when the goal or end time completely collapses. Leaving me in that liminal space outside of clock time. 

These 3 steps will offer you the pathway out of the usual parameters of time and space. Collapsing all ideas of what your experience of pleasure should look like.


Take the whole day off for you and dedicate it to pleasure. This may sound simple but it really revolutionizes your life when you create a date with pleasure. Letting every meal you eat and every breath you take become focused on pleasure. I recommend a slow morning walk, catching some sun rays on your face, a breakfast at a cafe you’ve never tried before but love the aesthetics, browsing the pretty shop, not to purchase anything but just to indulge in the beauty. When you return from your morning creating a space at home to drop in with your Yoni Elixir and discover when pleasure lives in your body.


Sometimes its hard to see how fast our lives really are until we make a conscious effort to slow down. Slow down how quickly you talk to people, slow down the music you listen to, slow down how quickly you do tasks, and then slow down the speed of your thoughts in your head. The more space you can create between thought the more pleasure you will experience in your body. When you come to use your Yoni Elixir notice how slowly you can move your hands across your body.


Dedication is really the deal breaker when it comes to pleasure. If you commit to pleasure, pleasure will show up for you. If you skimp out and show up for pleasure once a month it will be hard work. If you make time for pleasure by setting aside time, creating a beautiful space and using your Yoni Elixir as the sacred sensual tool it is you will change your life and your soul will rest in nourishment and happiness. To make this even easier for you we’ve created a Pleasure Activation Meditation Track for you to listen to each day. Head to www.yonielixir.com to download it for FREE.

Everyone is capable of creating more pleasure in their life. Sometimes the first few experiences may be uneventful but stay with the practice, keep connecting with the sensations in your body over the thoughts in your mind and things will change when you least expect it to. 

Trust the process and pleasure will arise.

With love and pleasure


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