5 things you need to know about Thrush

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Your yoni is a pretty instant feedback system, if she’s not liking your diet, choice in partner, lifestyle habits she’ll let you know pretty quick.

I’ve found that making my yoni happy usually makes me happy. So trusting her to lead the way and continually connecting in with her creates a bond thats helped me avoid thrush for years now.

One of the most common ways you’ll discover that your Yoni is looking for a change is through thrush aka candida. Itching, burning, and thick white mucus are clear signs she’s got her Karen on and she’s calling management, AKA you!

Yoni Elixir knows all about these symptoms and has been designed with traditional medicinal herbs such as Pau d’arco which is anti fungal and anti bacterial, as well as Ashwaganda, and Raspberry leaf. All these herbs assist detoxifying hormones and balancing your PH levels.

To ensure thrush stays at bay and your Yoni lives a life of delight we recommend the following:

Wash her regularly, with a soft and kind caress using only water and your fingers. She hates soap, like seriously, even the ph balancing stuff, she’s highly intelligent and will do what it takes to keep things moving out of your system that aren’t working for her.

Cotton or Bamboo undies for at least 6 days a week.
Your yoni loves breathability and a loose fit underneath. Synthetic fabrics are often the Lacey, sexy feeling undies but they can trap moisture and have your yoni feeling pretty suffocated. The good news is that there are some more sensual looking undies hitting the market to support this notion. I recommend Vee they are bamboo and sexy IMO.https://veeunderwear.com/

Sugar is banned.
Well maybe not forever, but cutting out refined sugars is 100% going to change things. High sugar levels is actually what promotes the growth of candida.
Instead look at adding some probiotics to your life with yoghurt etc. She’s all about that good bacteria.

What are your undies saying?
If you live for cotton panties and still have some thrush challenges I’d be checking out what kinda chemicals and perfumes are in your laundry liquids. There’s a reason everything is 100% organic that goes into Yoni Elixir. Keep it natural whenever possible.

Sex, sex, sex
When the sex is good in the moment but the aftermath is not a vibe. Thrush affects both men and women and although it’s not a STD in can be transferred between partners. Using condoms and no petroleum based lubes will subside the pain if you have thrush as well as prevent it transferring.

Love up your yoni, one squirt of Yoni Elixir and some loving touch in the morning will have you attuned to any slight changes before anything becomes too much of a challenge. Remember that thrush can cause smells, redness etc but that this is nothing to feel shame around, its purely her intelligence at work removing what no longer serves you.

Thank her and wish her a speedy recovery…

In Love and Pleasure,

Victoria xo

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