The importance of Natural and Organic for your Yoni

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How you care for your yoni on the daily will impact your pleasure and overall sexual satisfaction.

Your yoni and in particular your labia is some of the most absorbent skin on your body, carrying whatever you place on it straight into your bloodstream

Often synthetic lubricants can actually cause more dryness in the long term due to the toxins in the ingredients. Head to our ingredients booklet on the resources page to read more about what’s in yoni elixir and what to avoid in other products.

Natural and organic ingredients are more bio-compatible with your skin and lead to better absorption. For example jojoba oil, (one of the 3 base oils in Yoni Elixir) closely mimics the skin’s natural sebum, making it an excellent moisturiser and a carrier for other beneficial ingredients. This is ideal for the herbal infusions in Yoni Elixir that have holistic properties which affect not only the Yoni but the entire body, such as:

Raspberry leaf – Balances hormones and promotes a healthy womb and menstrual cycle.

Sage – Treats candida overgrowth, cleanses toxins, promotes liver and bladder health

Ashwaganda – Increases libido and relieves pain by lowering serotonin levels

Pau d’arco – Anti bacterial and Anti fungal

Chamomile – Relaxes the nervous system.

Many synthetic ingredients found in sexual wellness products, like parabens, phthalates, and petroleum-based compounds, have been linked to health concerns ranging from hormonal disruptions to increased cancer risks. By choosing products with natural ingredients, you can reduce exposure to these potentially harmful chemicals as well as minimise your carbon foot print as many synthetic ingredients involve a chemical process that release toxins into the environment when made. In contrast natural ingredients that are biodegradable.

For me it seems a no brainer to opt for natural and organic for your yoni and your life.

If you want more pleasure, to help the environment, improve your health, increase your libido then you know what to choose 😉

With love and pleasure


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