My top 3 cycle trackers

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Tracking your bleed is an incredible way to get intimate with your body and connect to the mysteries of your cyclical nature. I’m a big advocate for collecting blood in a moon cup and returning it back to the earth (ideally where you live) with the felt sense that I can connect with the land I’m residing upon and offering it prayers that my mind, body and soul can be supported by this connection. 

My logic is steeped in old folk wisdom that usually the plants and weeds you need to assist your health begin to grow close to your home when you connect in with the earth in this way. 

Anyways enough of my woo woo have a read on to discover which of these ways of tracking your cycle may suit you.

First up is Clue. 

My old faithful. I’ve used this the longest. It’s super simple but so user friendly and really has all I’m looking from a tracker. Fast, easy to use and to the point. I like the visuals and I like that I can go in and track how many days my cycles was for the last few years. Very useful


Secondly there’s Natural Cycles

I only started using this when I was tracking my cycle with a thermometer. I found it interesting to get a deeper look into my cycle and what was happening to my body temperature as I began to ovulate. After sometime though I felt the changes in my temperature were very subtle and not indicating much to me. I lost a bit of faith in the reliability of this data and went back to the simplicity of clue.


Thirdly back to the moon and pen and paper with Magic of i 

I’ve had one of these moon calendars on the back of my bathroom door each year since 2020. I’m into it. Whenever I’m late or early I can see what phase the moon is in when I bleed and that tells me a lot. As someone who has always had irregular cycle lengths this has been very useful for me and gives me the data so that I can observe the whole year and how much cycle shifts according to the moons every year. Plus it tells me which astrological sign its in so I get more of a look at the impacts of that too.


I guess I’m ol’ fashioned and like that pen to paper vibe. 

If you aren’t tracking your cycle I highly recommend this for all women who are looking to get closer to the mysteries of their feminine nature and learn to optimise and trust your cycle to guide you when to take action and rest. It’s been a game changer for me.

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