Discovering the Sensual Joy Within – Releasing numbness in the Yoni

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Numbness in your yoni or vagina is never a permanent experience. Erectile tissue can always be bought back to life through presence and touch.

For many years I’ve been working with woman on bringing sensation back into their yoni. It’s not uncommon for woman of all ages to experience a lack of feeling and disconnection from their yoni.

My experience has been that through the process of de-thawing and reactivating the yoni there is a releasing of memories from the past which informed me that these stressful experiences or traumatic memories get trapped in the subtle tissues of the body. It wasn’t until I read Bessel van der Kolks book the Body holds the score that I confirmed this lived experience I was having.

The tissue that is in the vaginal canal is the softest and most subtle through the entire body, making it some of the most absorbent for storing memories and holding on to unwanted stress. Often I’m sensing that these memories don’t have to be imprinted sexually. They can be completely unrelated to sexuality but often they will have a relationship to a womans capacity to speak her truth or feel empowered in her womanhood.

This diagram shows how the vocal cords and yoni look very similar and I sense this is also why these are the themes of the memories that come to the surface when a woman is unravelling numbness.

In this video I share some ideas on a deamouring practice that can guide you to release some of these pockets of memory that live in the erectile tissue with the hope you can bring your yoni back to life.

Have a watch and if you decide you want to work with a practitioner to help you with this, reach out as I’ve trained over 100 practitioners in my modality at the Institute of New Paradigm Intimacy in helping people move through numbness.

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