3 herbs that will change your sex life

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Yoni Elixir contains 3 major herbs that can enhance your sex life.

The first one is Raspberry leaf. This has many benefits but the ones you need to know about is its ability to tone the uterus walls. This refers to the ability to reduce period cramps and move the energies that get caught up in the womb. In the sacred sexuality space it’s not uncommon to hear about the need to clear and cleanse the womb of past energies. These energies may be stagnant from past lovers or times that sexual experiences weren’t met with the loving presence that your body deserves. Raspberry leaf aids your ability to move old energy out of the body and create more ease in your womb.

The second is Ashwaganda. Ashwaganda is a natural libido enhancer and due to Yoni Elixir being a lubricant you’re putting this beautiful oil into a very pourous part of the body and letting these beautiful herbs be absorbed into your blood stream allowing you to experience lubrication and the herbal benefits at the same time! Magic!

The third is chamomile. Chamomile is known as a natural relaxation herb. This is incredibly important if you experience stress or a fast paced life. By applying yoni elixir you will be sending the signal to your body that you are ready to relax and relaxation is key to lower cortisol in the body and come into the rest and digest parasympathetic nervous system response where you’re able to drop into arousal, desire and connection.

To understand more check out this video below

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